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The Delhi Spice has gained a reputation for its traditional yet creative cuisine. Our food is made fresh everyday, this is just one of the ways we strive to provide our customers with the best delivery experience possible. Customers will appreciate the quick delivery and the very well made food. Have a takeaway tonight, delivered by our friendly staff straight to your door.

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onion bhaji, sheek kebab, chicken and lamb tikka


marinated and barbequed diced chicken cooked with onions, pepper and tomatoes


traditional indian dish cooked with medium sauce which is lightly spiced


a south indian dish which is fairly hot, cooked with greater proportion of tomato puree together with a combination of different spices for added richness in the sauce


a very mild dish cooked with fresh cream, coconut and sultanas

The Delhi Spice's Reviews

243 reviews


  • The order didnt come until 1 hour later. The party i was with had to wait for it to come as the drivers didnt know where we were and then had the nerve to argue with me as to where i said to drop the food off.


  • AVOID! We ordered a lamb vindaloo with keema nan and a chicken sagwala with peshwari nan. We were disappointed with each part of the meal. The vindaloo was a pale orange in colour, runny and full of water. Neither of the expected characteristics of a vindaloo. It was neither particularly hot or tasty and the meat was tough. The meat in the Keema nan was pinky - rather that the dark brown meat you would expect. It was also a small filling only in the middle. The Sagwala was again watery but was tasty. However, the chicken was tough. The peshawari nan had no fruit and wasnt as filled or as sweet as i would expect. Our overall conclusion was that both dishes had been microwaved - fine if that is necessary on a Sunday night - but some effort needs to be made over overall presentation. Overall, the food was awful. As we thought the food was so bad, we didn't accept the owner's offer of a replacement the following day. Avoid!


  • The food was good as always. The service however was terrible. We ordered around 19.10 with delivery expected at 20.07 at 20.45 we called to see where our order was (the local roads are busy with tourists at the moment). When speaking to the restaurant they said it had been cooked for ages and they were waiting on a driver. No apology, no discount. Our food finally arrived at 21.30 and again no apology. I'm not sure if we will be using Dehli Spice again.


  • Lovely food and would recommend.


  • Best curry we've ever had from here! We loved it all, can't wait to order again :-)


  • When i put the curry on the rice there was quite a bit of water in it, but it still tasted good, it also came with a little pot of onions which had a thick black hair in it soo i left that, other than that everything else was good


  • Amazing


  • The masala sauce was watery and cold. The rice was floating which is not pleasant. Everything I ordered was cold by the time it arrived and the popadoms were soggy and not edible at all. I order here a lot and I am very disappointed with this last visit sorry.


  • chicken was awesome. quick delivery too! 😀


  • The curry it self was amazing the only things that let our meal down was the onion bhaji they where very powdered and the chips were cold


  • We live locally but only have Indian takeaway every couple of months, mainly from this takeaway. Usually it is all fine but this time both chicken dishes had VERY little chicken and just masses of sauce. Disappointed this time.


  • Keep giving a chance but for some reason can never (last 5 orders!) get the chutneys and pickles right. 2onion,2mint-got2lime,2mango. Hate both!


  • We ordered our Indian and it didn't arrive for 2 hours so after phoning the resturaunt they said they hadn't received our order from hungry house! So we ordered over the phone with them all in all waited 3 hours for our meal. This is the second time it has happened we were not very happy to say the least! But did enjoy the food when it finally arrived!


  • Excellent food and fantastic service. On a holiday in Devon for the week and ordered from here. Food was great but service was brilliant and so friendly when we collected. Highly recommended.


  • came earlier than asked for, was lucky I was in. Food was luke warm, onion bhajis were soggy and poppadum's stale/soft. would not recommend